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Gurukul – Mahamrityunjay Ved Vidhayalay

Gurukul is dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient sage traditions of Sanatan Dharma, the Vedas, the Puranas, and the Upanishads. Our gurukul is a unique institution that is committed to passing on the ancient wisdom and teachings of these sacred texts to the next generation.

At Gurukul, students are learning about the ancient lifestyle provided by the scriptures and will be able to apply this knowledge to their daily lives. The gurukul provides an environment that is conducive to spiritual growth and self-purification.

Our Gurukul is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Guru-Shishya tradition of Vedic education and Sanatan Dharma. The organization’s main objective is to provide education that is rooted in the ancient wisdom and teachings of the Vedas.

Students at gurukul also have the opportunity to participate in various rituals and ceremonies, such as Abhishek, Havan, and Pind Daan. These rituals are performed with the use of various items such as fruits, flowers, and grains, and are accompanied by the recitation of specific mantras and prayers.

The Gurukul’s goal is to motivate society towards Vedic education and Sanatan Dharma, and to preserve the ancient traditions and culture of our ancestors.

Vidacharya Pt. Ramlakhan Sharma (Founder)

Vedacharya Pandit Ramlakhan ji Sharma was interested in religious rituals since his childhood, Pandit ji studied all types of rituals in Guru Ashram Gangadhar Ved Vidyalaya in his childhood itself and acquired the practical and complete legal knowledge of his Guru Vedmurti Rameshchandra Pandya.

We invite you to visit our gurukul and learn more about our programs and services, and to join us in our mission to preserve and promote ancient wisdom and teachings.